Graphic Design & Illustration



This project was a rebrand of the Museum of Mathematics to give the museum a more modern look. Math is in our everyday lives often with a negative stigma towards it. I wanted to show how there are countless things to do with math by adding a multiplication simple to the M in the logo. The more you multiply a number by another number, the larger number you will get and it never ends. When you enter the museum, there are so many fun activities for you to complete with a mobile app to add even more fun to your museum experience. This project was done for an Advanced Typography class while attending Lesley University College of Art & Design


Stationary and Gift Shop Items


Geometry Photography

32 page gift shop magazine displaying how geometry appears in photography


Exhibit Guide

Important information about each exhibit in the museum


Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Website


Divide and Conquer App

A game that takes you throughout the museum to each exhibit to complete a portion of a larger game. Once each task is completed, you gain points added to your account. The more points you have, the more prizes you can win!